Electronic Cigarettes Popularity Vs Regular Smoking

Bad Habits Like Smoking Are Hard To Break…

The Electronic Cigarette Revolution Is Far From Being Perfect But You Should Consider E Cigarettes As A Better Habit

The electronic cigarette is quickly gaining popularity all over the world due to its many advantages over regular smoking.  Various surveys carried out in various parts of the world show that the electronic cigarettes are 60% more effective than nicotine gum and patches. The studies show that a lot of people have been reported to quit tobacco smoking after using the E-cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Smoking 300x183 Electronic Cigarettes Popularity Vs Regular Smoking

Various E cigarette reviews suggest that various electronic cigarette brands have had a major role in helping people stop tobacco smoking. However, tobacco quitters have a tendency to continue using the E cigarettes for an indefinite period of time. Further research suggests that the vapor emitted from the electronic cigarettes may pose some lasting health risks. The nicotine found in the cartridges of the cigarettes is addictive and one may experience withdrawal symptoms as well as depression when he or she stops using them.

However, tobacco smoking is still far much more dangerous than the use of the premium electronic cigarette. Smoke emitted from tobacco smoking is very dangerous compared to the fact that electronic cigarettes do not burn. Electronic cigarettes only emit a fraction of the harmful chemicals one would get from indulging in actual tobacco smoking.

E-cigarettes are less harmful than actual cigarettes but the long term health effects of smoking them are not yet known. This has as a result triggered heated debates among health experts who seem to disagree on whether the gadgets have actually tried to reduce tobacco smoking or made the problem worse.  Some critics suggest that nicotine is addictive and may make children and non-smokers to start using tobacco.  Others suggest that the advertising of E cigarette starter kits may be a way of making smoking popular and a fashionable thing to do.

The e-cigarettes contain a mixture of nicotine and other flavors such as strawberry and chocolate. However, these flavors are not permitted by law to be used in the usual cigarettes as they may be more appealing hence increasing addiction among tobacco users and attracting new smokers. The marketing of these gadgets is not only encouraging their use among the young people but also promoting smoking of actual tobacco. This is a setback in the fight against tobacco smoking that is known to be the leading preventable cause of cancer.

It is evident that the use of e-cigarettes has helped many people quit tobacco smoking. However, the e-cigarette market has been exploited to advance smoking especially among the youth. The contents of these electronic devices vary from one brand to another and one should be very careful when buying them. This is to ensure one gets the best quality there is in the market at the right price. When choosing a premium electronic cigarette, consider the best e cigarette brands like EverSmoke, Bull Smoke, South Beach Smoke, and Volcano Ecigs.  Due to continued advancement in technology, much safer electronic cigarettes are being manufactures to help reduce the harmful effects of tobacco smoking. The use of electronic cigarettes has been widely criticized as not being the solution to harmful tobacco smoking, however most people seem to agree on the fact that it is a better alternative.

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The Major Switch: Regular Smokes Versus Electronic Cigarettes

Which E Cigarette Brands Are The Most Popular?

According to recent e cigarette reviews, many people have been switching to electronic cigarettes. A large number of regular smokers say that e-cigs have lots of advantages over traditional cigarettes. Here are some reasons behind electronic cigarettes popularity.

Smokeless Cigs 300x212 The Major Switch: Regular Smokes Versus Electronic Cigarettes

Easy to Use

Many smokers have proven that most electronic cigarette brands like Bull Smoke, South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, and Volcano Ecigs are easier to use than regular smokes. There is no need to bring a lighter or get scary looks from people who are allergic to smoke. Most e cigarette starter kits come with reusable vaporizers, chargers and flavoured liquid solutions. All smokers need to do is to charge their electronic sticks and enjoy smoking for the rest of the day. Some e cigarettes come with higher capacity batteries which can be a good thing for those who love to travel.

The Evolution of Electronic Cigarettes

The first generation of electronic cigarettes was produced to look like real cigarettes. They use less vaporizing liquids thus they produce lesser vapour. They also come with smaller batteries compared to the new generation of e cigarettes. The second generation of electronic cigarettes is noticeably more tailored according to the preferences of smokers. They come in various designs and colours. Some brands offer better batteries than the first generation versions. There are also more options when it comes to vaporizing liquid flavours nowadays. The evolution is continuous as producers know that many are switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigs.


Some people claim that using electronic cigarettes is cheaper than smoking traditional ones. This can be true for those who smoke less than twice a day and are not fond of purchasing vaporizing liquids with high nicotine content. On the other hand, some may spend more because they want to savour various flavours and nicotine strengths. How much one needs to spend on e-cigarettes each month depends on how frequent a person smokes as well as what accessories he or she prefers to have.


Social media made it easier for premium electronic cigarette companies to promote their products. Many people do not even know what electronic cigarettes are yet through advertisements and the influence of other people who post pictures about these stuffs, they become curious. Everything posted on the Internet nowadays become viral which is why companies are always targeting social networking sites.

E Cigarette Dependence

There are stories of people who are thankful for the creation of electronic cigarettes because they were able to quit smoking without going through the painful process of withdrawal. Conversely, some people tend to become dependent on e cigarettes particularly those who use liquids with high nicotine content. Whether or not e cigarettes can help in fighting nicotine dependence is an unresolved argument among experts because of these two scenarios. In all probability, this argument may take a while since e cigarettes are developed continuously by companies producing them. They can either be revised for the better of many people or developed in such a way that gives people more freedom on how they want their smoking experiences to be.

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Exploding Market For The Electronic Cigarette

From The Mountains To The Valleys, The E Cigarette Is A Hit…

The use of an electronic cigarette is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to traditional smoking. As sales of these devices rise each year, so does the selection of styles, flavor and overall cost. These battery powered devices are changing the smoking experience for smokers as well as non-smokers all over the world.

e cigs Exploding Market For The Electronic Cigarette

The e-cig is a device that utilizes a rechargeable battery system and mimics the act of traditional cigarette smoking. They work by using a heating element that transforms a liquid nicotine solution into a vapor. When the smoker takes a “draw”, the element vaporizes the liquid that the user will then inhale and exhale. Since the cig is not lit, there is no smell, smoke or ashes. This vapor system also release fewer toxins than traditional cigarettes.

There is a vast selection of liquid available for purchase for use in electronic cigarettes. Most of these solutions are a combination of nicotine and flavorings. It seems the choices of flavors are seemingly endless. Options include everything from traditional menthol, caramel, chocolate and strawberry to more unique choices such as bubble gum or coffee flavors. Various e cigarette brands will offer multiple flavors and the same flavor may even taste a bit different from company to company. There are options available for liquid that is flavored only, contains no nicotine. This works best for those who just want to simulate the act of smoking and are not dependent on the nicotine patch.

The best way to begin the electronic smoking experience is by purchasing an e cigarette starter kit. Typically, a kit will include everything the user needs to get started. This would be the actual electronic device, the battery and several cartridges ready for use. A cartridge is closely equivalent to a pack of traditional smokes but depends on how much it is used. These refills come in a variety of strengths so that each smoker can find the option that satisfies their needs the best. Replacement cartridges, on average, cost about $10.00. However, some users find it more economical to purchase liquid in bulk form and simply refill their cartridge themselves.

As supply and demand grows, more companies are getting in on the exploding e cig market. There are hundreds of electronic cigarette brands from which consumers can choose. While cost is a major factor in deciding which brand to purchase, smokers should utilize e cigarette reviews to help make a more informed decision. These reviews will allow buyers to get a first hand account from previous users on a specific choice. Reviews normally include information about the quality, dependability, taste, battery life and even purchase information. These facts can be compared among brands so that a new user can feel more confident in a purchase that will fit their specific wants or desires. Some of the most popular brands surfacing for this year include BULL SMOKE, Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, vaporzone and halo cigs. While there are several selections of e-cigs in retail stores, the largest selection can be found online.

A premium electronic cigarette just refers to a device that consists of a higher quality and most of the time, higher cost. Premium options will often come with better liquids and better or more durable designs. They set the standard for other e cigs a bit higher. They may also come with personalized accessories like ash less trays or stands to enhance the smoking experience. The majority of electronic brands will offer a range of devices and will include “premium” selections.

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Electronic Cigarette Revolution Review

The E Cigarette Revolution Has Altered The Smoking Environment… 


Premium Electronic cigarettes offer the traditional E cigarette starter kits. They offer a well-packaged two-piece starter kit cigarettes. A white light at the tip that makes it unique among other big e-cig companies that defines these revolutionary electronic cigarettes. According to the manufacturer, vapor, the white light was initiated to it make easier in differentiating it from real cigarettes. However, the starter kits are available in different colors such as; blue, white and chrome.

e cig starter kits 300x256 Electronic Cigarette Revolution Review

Unlike traditional cigarette brands, revolutionary vapour ecigs offers the choice of manual and automatic batteries. Most people prefer automatic batteries because they turn on when puffed, making their experience closer to normal smoking. However, the manual batteries are quite flexible and offer better vaping experience. The heating element used for manual batteries works well when warm. A manual battery requires you to push the button a few seconds before puffing. Thus, everything is heated prior to puffing and you get a better vapour cloud. However, you can achieve this experience with automatic batteries by taking two small puffs before normal puffs.

Whether it’s South Beach Smoke electronic cigs or Volcano Ecigs, all batteries whether manual or automatic are fitted in a cartomizer which is also referred to as a cartridge. This single unit contains a heating element and an eliquid. Revolutionary electronic cigarette cartridges are available in 15 different flavours with varying nicotine levels. Moreover, they make their own eliquid as opposed to importing them from countries like China. They offer the standard based cartridge that is easy to refill through removing the rubber cap at the end and dripping eliquid into the filler until it is saturated. This ensures that the cartridge is used a number of time before being disposed.

The standard Eversmoke starter kits comes with two rechargeable batteries, one USB charger, ten cartomizers, a wall adapter and a manual. It is presented in a nice box that has magnetic latches. However, their revolution premium electronic cigarette comes with three batteries, car adapter, four cartomizer packs and a carry case.

The amount of vaping one does has a direct effect on the battery life. The standard battery can last for about 3 hours while the elite battery offers up to 25 percent more time of the battery life. Therefore, a battery’s performance is at its best when its off the charger. After you use the battery for awhile, the performance will drop as the vapour gets whimpy.


Electronic cigarettes such as Bull Smoke offers competent kits that are unique in the crowded e-cigs market. The availability of easy to refill and standard cartomizers and affordable e-liquids refills are among the main features that make it stand out from other electronic cigarette brands. Moreover, they come in a shiny and attractive look that adds a sense of style and class. Additionally, they offer the customer a choice of using automatic or manual batteries that are both offered at an affordable price. This makes them the ideal cigarettes for starters who are looking for quality performance, a wide range of sweet and cigarette flavours at a reasonable price.

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Top Electronic Cigarette Brands

Only A Handful Of E Cigs Are Worth Your Attention…

Thanks to the popularity of electronic cigarettes, there have been multiple e-cigarette companies branching out with their own offerings. Though this results in a plethora of options for the discerning consumer, it also leaves some confused and unsure about the brands to go with. This certainly holds true for first-time buyers! We would, therefore, take a brief look at some of the top electronic cigarette brands that deserve a mention out of the ever-increasing e-cigarette crowd.

top e cigs 300x200 Top Electronic Cigarette Brands

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is a brand that has been around ever since the advent of electronic cigarettes. It is rated as the best electronic cigarette brand by most experts and consumers. In its mission to offer nothing but the best, the company is one of those few premium electronic cigarette sellers that continuously invest in R&D to churn out something new for the customer. For the women, there are specific sub-brands offered by the company, such as Vapor Couture. The ingredients within the offering are the same, but there are slight tweaks in the overall design and aesthetics of the female-centric product.


VaporZone constantly strives to hit new avenues with its powerful and unique e-cigarette designs. The company takes its business quite seriously, and when you take a look at the e-cigarette batteries and other accessories, it seems the components have rolled out of a NASA factory. In other words, the technology being put is way ahead of its time – something that no other competitor has come close to. Initially, it might be a bit difficult and confusing to put those things together. However, once set, the e-smoking experience is just surreal with a LED!

Halo Electronic Cigarettes

Halo is an e-cigarette firm that’s best known for its innovative cigarette elements and sleek design. In fact, it has created an image for itself wherein it does not attempt to look like any of the other electronic cigarettes out there on the market. Use of brash, bold colors in their marketing campaigns has been catching quite a few eyeballs.

Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke is one of the other best electronic cigarettes brands that attempts to stand out of the rather monolithic and mundane market. The company is perhaps the favorite of several consumers who are looking for something different. The Wild West theme that they’ve got running makes for a wonderful marketing campaign surrounding the high-quality product. In addition, the lower prices without any compromises on the quality front only enhance the deal value further. Some great flavor and huge throat hits – one just cannot go wrong with this e-cigarette brand.


EverSmoke has been making is presence felt in quite a lot of the recent e-cigarette ranking lists, along with South Beach Smoke. And, most people who have used this brand are nothing short of impressed. The major pulling factor of the brand is its affordable price. The basic starter pack is one of the least expensive offering out there on the market. And, with all great companies, the price has no impact on the overall quality of the product. This is a great electronic cigarette for people who are about to get their feet wet in the electronic cigarette pond for the first time.

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The Best Electronic Cigarettes In The Market

Smoke Only The Best Vapor Cigarettes And Enjoy The Switch…

People around the world are very impressed by the new electronic device, known as the electronic cigarette or e cigarette. This is an electronic device that is used to completely imitate and represent a regular tobacco cigarette. However, the electronic cigarette contains no tobacco but burns a vapor, known as the e-liquid, which in return emits a vapor that is safely inhaled and perfectly imitates cigarette smoke. There are many top electronic cigarette brands in the market including leading and premium electronic cigarette and other brands as well. It is advisable to choose the best brands of e cigarettes for maximum satisfaction.

electronic smoke 300x149 The Best Electronic Cigarettes In The Market

If you are looking to quit smoking or know of someone such as a family member, a friend or any other, then it is important to search for and purchase one of the best electronic cigarettes in the market. This is a great way to maintain your smoking habit if you find difficult to quit any other way. Therefore, always contact a respectable site or retailer in you town or city when you wish to purchase this product. It is a good quality product that shows plenty of hope and opportunities for traders and smokers as well.

There are some well known brands in the market today. While they may be costly, these brands should be used basically because they are reliable, look great, function exactly as described and also last a really long time. Popular brands include examples such as bull smoke, south beach smoke and eversomoke. These brands are renowned because of their proven track record and many other benefits. They can be found on various online outlets where they can be purchased and then dispatched to their buyers. You can also search local stores and other retail outlets. This way, you will find some of the best electronic cigarettes in the market.

If you are a customer, then you should use cigarettes to help you switch over from harmful and dangerous cigarettes to the safe electronic device known as the e cig. This e cigarette is designed just like a normal cigarette with a tip that shines bright red during inhalation while regular cigarette smoke is replaced by the safe plant-based vapor. The e juice is burn in the combustion chamber of the e cigarette, producing large amounts of vapor. This can be inhaled safely and is not harmful to the user or to those around them.

There are lots of electronic cigarette brands to choose from. Some of the popular ones include bull smoke, south beach smoke and eversomoke. It is advisable to go for these premium electronic cigarette brands as they are among the best electronic cigarettes in the market today. These brands are renowned because of their proven track record and many other benefits. They can be found on various online outlets where they can be purchased and then dispatched to their buyers. You can also search local stores and other retail outlets. This way, you will find some of the best electronic cigarettes in the market.

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The Benefits Of The Electronic Cigarettes Revolution

The E cigarette Revolution Is A Breath Of Fresh Air…

Electronic cigarettes are not like real cigarettes, they contain no tobacco. These are battery powered vapor devices which are used by cigarettes addicts to replace the consumption of real cigarette hence cut down on the level their addiction. E cigarette smoking is an improvement of the traditional smoking in the following ways:

e cigarette smokes 300x225 The Benefits Of The Electronic Cigarettes Revolution

Free from Smoke

Since there is no burning in e cigarette, no smoke is produced. The irritating and choking smoke is gone. The traditional cigarette produces smoke that smells and leaves that odor on almost everything; hands, clothes and walls of your room. This isn’t the case when using electronic cigarettes since only vapor is exhaled, and it quickly evaporates.

Less Costly

It is a fact that smoking the traditional cigarette has become very expensive. The amount of cigarette tax levied on a packet of real cigarette has also contributed to it being expensive. The high price can partly be due to the high cost of producing tobacco and the amount of fuel incurred during distribution process.

E cigarette reviews indicates that no ash tray or lighter is needed. Although the e cigarette starter kits may appear to be high but in the long run it is cheaper. And as the technology also advances the price of the electronic cigarette is further expected to go down.

Non Flammable

The traditional cigarette poses much danger to the environment. This is because real flame is involved in lighting the cigarette. At the same time, the left over if not properly disposed can cause fire easily to the environment. But electronic cigarettes, eliminates this risk of fire greatly since no real flame is involved.

Less Harmful Chemicals

It has been proven that the usual cigarette poses much threat to our health. It puts our life so much at risk of contacting several diseases like lung cancer, throat cancer, and heart attack. This is due to the presence of harmful ingredients present in the traditional cigarette as compared to all other electronic cigarette brands. The discoloration of the hands and teeth due to tobacco smoking is also eliminated in electronic cigarette smoking brands such as Bull Smoke.

More Socially Acceptable

Presently, the traditional smoker can’t just light his cigarette anywhere; there are lots of restrictions on where you can smoke. This will certainly inconvenient anyone. For example, going out of the office to the chilling cold just to take a puff, may not be that easy. You become restricted on your dating partners; only smokers are at ease of accepting you. Electronic cigarette on the other hand can be smoked literally anywhere without those restrictions since you wont inconvenient any body by the usual choking smell and smoke.

The Premium electronic cigarette is a true improvement to traditional smoking. There are lots of e liquid flavors to select. No smoke, smell or discoloration of the teeth when you advance to electronic cigarettes. You may then smoke without interfering with any body around; as you don’t exhale any smoke that will annoy anybody. You don’t even have to be selective in making friends, you social life is completely not interfered with; you still mix freely with everyone.

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Overcoming The Power Smoking Has Over You

Switch To An Electronic Cigarette And Taste The Victory!

Smoking is one of the habits that people are most annoyed by for a variety of reasons, you have likely discovered this in your personal life. When you smoke on a regular basis, this is going to subject others to a strong smell that is left on their clothing in addition to anything else that you may be wearing. The best way for you to prevent this from bothering those around you would be to start looking into the advantages of the various Electronic Cigarette brands when compared to the pack you have been reaching for up to now. The first thing that you will notice when reading E Cigarette Reviews is the ability to get rid of these smells that people hate. When you know that you are bothering those people around you, it can cause you to worry every time that you would like to smoke.

electronic cigarette brands 300x200 Overcoming The Power Smoking Has Over You

However, the additional stress is going to increase the cravings that you have for a cigarette and this would only make the problem more difficult to deal with. Leaving a trail of bad smell behind is something that you should take as information that you are lighting up the wrong cigarettes. Purchasing the best E Cigarette Brands would be the easiest way to begin smoking in a way that others are not going to get offended by. When you light up one of these, there is no odor that is going to be left behind on the clothing of the people that you care about.

Additionally, Top Electronic Cigarettes would help you to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that you are putting into your body every time that you decide to smoke. There are many risks to your health that come along with smoking. Once you decide to begin taking advantage of an electronic alternative, you would be able to limit the negative impact that this habit has on your life. A decreased chance of heart disease would be just one of the many reasons that you should look into what this electronic alternative can do for you.

If you dream of a future when you are no longer addicted to smoking, you may want to begin working on this as quickly as possible. Simply hoping for a future in which you are not addicted to smoking would not be a smart way to tackle this issue. Instead, you need to decide that you are interested in doing what it takes to change your relationship with cigarettes going forward. A gradual decrease in the amount that you smoke would be a great idea, you can do this with an electronic option that is available to you day.

Looking at the top electronic cigarette brands would help you to find one that is right for you. Shop for a brand that you would like to try and pick up an additional one in order to simply see what is available on the market to help you overcome the power of smoking and the control that it has over your life.

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Saying Goodbye To Smoking

Switching To Electronic Cigarettes Is The Smarter Choice…

The financial cost of a pack of cigarettes may not be the first thing on your mind when you decide that you would like to light up as a means of helping you deal with difficult stress in your life. However, you will quickly become aware that smoking can be one of the most expensive habits that you can develop. Since this is also one that is very addicting, you will find it very hard to rid yourself of the habit regardless of the amount of money that you find yourself spending on smoking during the course of a month. When you have come to realize that smoking is no longer a habit that you can afford to make a part of your life, you would be able to change it through alternatives that are available today. e cigs Saying Goodbye To Smoking

Electronic Cigarette choices are much more affordable, this is something that would help your bank account out greatly. Spending all of the extra money you have in your wallet for the purpose of smoking may not be a direct decision that you would choose to make. However, people tend to do this simply because of the addiction and how strong it has become over a period of time. Reading the E Cigarette Reviews would be a helpful way to see just how much money you are currently wasting on this habit. When you are able to experience the joy of smoking at a fraction of the price, you would see the value in E Cigarette Starter Kits.

Every year, millions of people promise family members and friends that they are not going to smoke ever again. Within a short period of time, most of these people are back to smoking in the same manner that they did in the past. It is important that you do not overlook the impact that addiction plays in the decisions that we make. No matter who you are or how long you have been smoking, changing this is not going to be easy. In order to leave this addiction as part of your past, you would need a path to changing your life that you would be able to stick to. Buying a Premium Electric Cigarette would be a great way to reduce some of the negative impact on your health from smoking. When you are putting fewer chemicals into your body, you would experience fewer cravings and this can be the key to reducing the role that it has in your life.

Smoking is a habit that is formed through a variety of sensations that create an experience in our brains every time we feel stressed or worried. However, you do not need to reach for an expensive cigarette in order to create this feeling. Instead, you would be able to have a Premium Electronic Cigarette such as Bull Smoke that is better for your health and your wallet. The top electronic cigarette brands are a great investment for someone battling addiction because they are inexpensive, easy to use and not addictive.

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Top Electronic Cigarette Brands

What Are the Best E Cigarette Brands In The USA?

There are many electronic cigarette brands but below is a list of top electronic cigarette brands.

South Beach Smoke: south beach smoke features a nice package, quality e cigarettes and their accessories. Their batteries are heavier but have a longer shelf life as compared to other e cigars batteries. It offers e cigarette starter kits from the basic kit to the ultimate starter kits. electronic cigarette 300x119 Top Electronic Cigarette Brands

V2 Cigs: this is a top rated electronic cigarette brand. Their manufacturer creates better flavor and battery quality. The company also works with full time professional engineers who design and perfect the product. Additionally, they have a vigorous quality control and safety standards to ensure that all the products are in perfect condition.

Bull Smoke: they have a great flavor selection. The flavors are robust and bold. The company aims at offering just the required items to get started at the best prices. They also offer battery options and their Kentucky batteries have a longer shelf life.

Halo G6 E cigarettes: it is unique and sharp looking e-cigarette. Its batteries are mainly long automatic and short manual. The manual batteries are powerful and last longer than automatic batteries. Its cartridges feature an easy to remove piece for easy refill without requiring anything to pry them out.

Green smoke: its cartomizer last for about six to eight hours. The red label and tobacco full flavor have a sweeter taste. In addition, they offer a thicker and more amounts of vapor as compared to other e-cigarettes. Its battery has a longer life, and it is bigger than normal e-cigarette batteries.


There is no e cigar that can be termed as the best e cigarette brands out there. To determine the best type to use, go through several e cigarette reviews and consider the pros and cons of different e cigarette brands. In addition, you could consider a premium electronic cigarette.

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Ditch The Smoke And Discover The World Of Vaping

The Electronic Cigarette Revolution Sweeps Across The Country…

One of the best ways to discover the best e cigarette brands is to check out forums and blog posts on the subject. There are also many e cigarette reviews online that give consumers an idea of which electronic cigarette would best suit their needs.

Vapor e cigarettes are all the latest rage; in fact millions of smokers have switched from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Though no true medical tests have been done, most smokers claim to feel better while saving money using an e cigarette. Many doctors recommend the electronic cigarette to help their patients get control over nicotine habits. e cigarette e liquids 300x225 Ditch The Smoke And Discover The World Of Vaping

Smokers that are interested in vaping but are new to the concept should start off with inexpensive e cigarette starter kits. Since there are literally hundreds of products on the market and several different styles of e cigarettes, using a starter kit will help determine which e cigarette will work best. There are electronic cigarettes that offer cartomizers already filled with the e liquid or e juice used to produce the vapor.

On the market in the premium electronic cigarette line up there are also several atomizer styled e cigs. These enable the user to refill the atomizer with liquid as needed. One of the best things about the world of vapor smoking is that there literally is no end to the flavors available. This includes flavors that contain or do not contain nicotine.

When using an electronic cigarette the user can adjust how much nicotine they want to receive by changing juices. For many who are trying to quit smoking, using a juice that has similar nicotine content levels as the brand of tobacco cigarettes they were smoking works best. This ensures the smoker gets the nicotine they crave without the harmful chemicals of a natural tobacco cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are beneficial for those who want to quit smoking because they give smokers the sensation of smoking, only without the toxins. Many people who have made the switch enjoy benefits such as saving money, not smelling like an ashtray and having fresher breath. Again, though no true test results have been published, vaping inside the home or office is seemingly safer for others.

Most e juices are made from food grade ingredients that when mixed with water and small amounts of pure nicotine produces a sensation similar to smoking tobacco. When new to the electronic cigarette it is wise to try a variety of flavors. The flavors that taste similar to tobacco products can be used to stave off tobacco cravings.

Many people use these flavors first then start using some of the exotic and fruity flavors that are on the market. No matter whether you love oranges or cinnamon the most, there is a flavor and a device among the top electronic cigarettes out there that can help you in your quest to stop using tobacco. Be sure to find a reputable dealer and give different flavors a shot when new to the electronic cigarette world. This way you can have better overall success while still enjoying the sensation of smoking.

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Transitioning To The Electronic Cigarette From Regular Cigarettes

When It Comes To E Cigarettes, Change Is Good…

Chain smokers will definitely agree to the fact that cigarette smoking is one of the hardest habits to break. Almost all of the smokers may have tried to go cold turkey and quit smoking altogether at some point of time in their lives. The transition from regular cigarettes to the electronic cigarette is not an easy one and there is a lot of struggle involved. If you are addicted to nicotine and smoking then going cold turkey is going to backfire badly because your body would crave for nicotine and you will have to deal with those excruciating withdrawal symptoms! electronic cigs 300x225 Transitioning To The Electronic Cigarette From Regular Cigarettes

Therefore, instead of suddenly giving up cigarettes and failing miserably, it would be advisable to use top electronic cigarettes during your transition period. The best thing about a premium electronic cigarette is that unlike traditional cigarettes, this one allows you to have control over the nicotine content. Therefore you could purchase one of those e cigarette starter kits and start off with a full nicotine concentration. You can then slowly wean off nicotine by reducing the concentration of nicotine in the cartridge and eventually work your way towards zero nicotine cartridges.

When you reach this stage where you are smoking non-nicotine electronic cigarette, you will be free from the bonds of nicotine addiction. However, if you wish to still puff on the device from time to time and enjoy the rich and rewarding natural flavors mixed with distilled water, sans the nicotine, then you can puff on e-cigs manufactured by Eversmoke as they are completely one of the top electronic cigarettes available today. Out of the many brands available out there, you can find out the hits and misses by reading e cigarette reviews.

Depending on the user, one may still have the cravings for a regular cigarette during the first week of the switch. This is completely normal because human beings by default are resistant to changes. However, one would soon forget about the conventional cigarette because e-cigs like South Beach Smoke e cigarettes are so much more fun to smoke with its wide array of delicious and unique flavors! Moreover, there are many other health benefits offered by top electronic cigarettes too. First of all these do not stain the teeth and nor do they leave one with foul breath that tends to linger on for an extended period of time. Secondly, since there is no combustion involved, but rather vaporization of the cartridge content therefore production of carcinogens and other harmful or toxic chemicals from the smoke. Hence, the dangers of second hand smoke are eliminated too!

If you were to read a handful of e cigarette reviews pertaining to the best e cigarette brands then you will notice that a majority of the people are raving about these next generation modern smoking device that not only offers health benefits but also do away with the drawbacks of the traditional cigarette. Smoking an electronic cigarette is very similar to smoking an actual cigarette, in fact the e-cig also glows when you inhale it even though there is no combustion involved at all!

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3 Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better Than Regular Cigarettes

First, Let’s Explore Some Of The Top E Cigarette Brands…

Electronic cigarette brands have been getting extremely popular over the last few years, and one of the biggest reasons for this is because brands like V2 cigs not only make using them a great alternative to smoking, but an enjoyable one. There are many fantastic premium electronic cigarette brands available nowadays, such as the Eversmoke electronic cigarette, Bull Smoke electronic cigarette, Volcano ecigs, South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette, and the Green Smoke electronic cigarette, and each one of these brands will have their own style and taste. All of these e cigarette brands are a great choice for someone who wants to do away with traditional cigarettes, and not only do they beat regular cigarettes because of their convenience, but they also beat them when it comes to taste.

e cigarettes 300x283 3 Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better Than Regular Cigarettes

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that e cigarettes will encourage you to give up smoking traditional cigarettes for good.

You’ll Smoke Less

When you smoked a traditional cigarette you had to keep puffing until you finished the whole cigarette, smoking half of a cigarette was not an option because it will stink up the place and it’s dangerous, but with electronic cigarettes you can have just a few puffs and then put it away until next time. This is great for those who are on a quick break or are trying to limit the amount that they are smoking regularly.

You Can Smoke Them Anywhere

One of the biggest inconveniences of being a smoker today is the fact that you need to get as far away from others as possible when you’re lighting up. This means that if you’re at work, at a restaurant, or even at a bar you’ll need to excuse yourself and go outside all by yourself to enjoy a cigarette. This is extremely inconvenient, and if it’s cold outside it can be unbearable. You can smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere you choose, and because there is a wide selection of different odors the people around you will enjoy them too.

You Can Do Away with the Smoker’s Bad Image

Nowadays it’s embarrassing being a smoker. Have you ever told someone you were a smoker and seen the disappointment in their eyes? That’s because smokers are looked at differently nowadays. When the average person thinks of someone who smokes they’ll picture a person standing outside by themselves in the cold, shuddering and sucking on their cigarette, and that’s why electronic cigarettes are becoming so popular now: because people who smoke electronic cigarettes are looked at differently.

Let’s face it, smoking tobacco pipes or cigarettes isn’t considered cool anymore, but electronic cigarettes are creating a completely new image for smokers everywhere. If you want to switch to a healthier alternative then you should definitely give electronic cigarettes a try, and if you want to enjoy the other added benefits that we discussed above, you should definitely try them to find out if they are the right fit for you. Smoking doesn’t have to be something that society frowns on anymore.

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Is The Sexy Back With Electronic Cigarettes?

What E Cigarette Brands Are The Stars Using?

Let’s find out..ecigs 300x152 Is The Sexy Back With Electronic Cigarettes?

Bull Smoke

A great company that manufactures premium electronic cigarette would be Bull Smoke. Bull Smoke electronic cigarettes are popular worldwide. These are of high quality and they run on a unique rechargeable battery. Bull Smoke electronic cigarettes are created with the best quality products and the flavor of nicotine is very full bodied in case of these cigarettes. When purchasing electronic cigarettes from this brand, one can take a pick from different nicotine strengths such as 0mg or nil, 6mg, 12mg, 16mg and the strongest: 24mg.

Bull Smoke electronic cigarettes are made using non-carcinogenic ingredients including propylene glycol which is a water-based substance that is used for manufacturing medicines and plenty of health care products. The rechargeable battery of the cigarettes can last for up to 3 days in case of minimum usage or it could die in just 3 hours usage if it is used extensively. Apart from purchasing the e-cig offered by the brand, one should also purchase an extra battery as a backup. These high quality electronic cigarettes can also be used for the purpose of quitting smoking by slowly reducing the nicotine strength over a period of time.

Bull Smoke offers great quality electronic cigarettes which are meant for people who enjoy the finer things in life. These just provide full-bodied nicotine-flavored vapor that does not leave any foul breath or has any lingering effect on clothes. Traditional cigarettes are costly and bad for health, so it is a wise move to switch over to these electronic cigarettes. In case of any questions pertaining to the Bull Smoke electronic cigarette, one can contact the friendly and helpful customer service of Bull Smoke.

South Beach Smoke

Accredited to BBB, South Beach Smoke is a premium electronic cigarette brand that touts itself as the top rated e-cig brand. The company challenges its prospective customers to make the switch and experience life-changing benefits. One of the top factors that contribute to the immense popularity of the company would be its wide range of flavors.

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are available in flavors like orange mint, tobacco mint, watermelon, Frank’s Lemon Line, Grape Hookah, Double Apple Hookah, Pina Colada, Chocolate, Tobacco blue, menthol, vanilla, cherry, peppermint, peach, golden tobacco and of course classic tobacco. Thus, customers are left spoilt for choice when they are deciding on the flavor to pick for their e-cigarette!

Apart from South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes, one can also opt for starter kits, disposable e-cigs, cartridge refills and e-cigarette accessories. The brand serves smokers in New York, Utah, New Jersey, Alaska and Alabama. The e-cigs offered by South Beach Smoke are a great and cost-effective alternative to conventional cigarettes. A lot of people have managed to quit smoking with the help of South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes.

The revolutionary and innovative e-cig device offered by South Beach Smoke sets it apart from the rest. These do not provide second-hand smoke and is completely tobacco-free. Apart from this, it is completely void of all cons associated with regular cigarettes like carbon monoxide, tar, ash, flame and the offensive smell! No wonder South Beach Smoke is one of the top-selling brands when it comes to electronic cigarettes.

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Benefits Of Using Electronic Cigarettes

Fashionably Take Your E Cigarette Anywhere…

There are more and more people around the world who have switched to electronic cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes. E cigarettes as they are popularly referred to, are electronic devices that are designed to imitate and function  like a regular cigarette bud without all the hazardous smoke and harmful chemicals contained in cigarette smoking. Many smokers know the risks associated with tobacco smoke, including effects of both passive and active smoke. Breaking the habit from nicotine addiction is difficult but the electronic cigarettes provide the ultimate solution for breaking away from addiction. The first step, therefore, begins with the acquisition of e cigarette starter kits.

Permium E Cigarettes 300x197 Benefits Of Using Electronic Cigarettes

Basically, once a person decides they are going to quit using regular cigarettes and instead start using electronic cigarettes, then the first thing they will need to do is acquire suitable e cigarette starter kits. To find some of the best brands in the market, it may be necessary to only search for a premium electronic cigarette. A starter kit will contain the electronic cigarette device which is a long, thin device with several sectors. These include the battery chambers, the burning chamber and a few others. It will also contain a charging device, a battery and the burning liquid.

The liquid used to produce the vapor that smokers of the electronic cigarette inhale is produce from plants. This means the liquid id safe for use by humans and is not harmful to either humans or plants. The vapor is therefore safe and will not affect the user’s health at all. It is for this reason that the electronic device is accepted and can be used at most establishments including hotels, motels, restaurants and other public places. It is safe even where there are kids and pets and will not in any way affect their health. Many users are therefore easily able to quit cigarette smoking and cigar smoking and help improve their health.

There are a number of places to find an electronic cigarette. The first, of course, are stores that sell these electronic devices. A number of department stores and electronics stores have these in stock. Customers who are looking for these devices may wish to look at a catalog in order to find the most desirable products. There are experts and assistants who can advise clients on the best products to purchase. The best are however, the premium electronic cigarette devices and purchasing these cigarettes or e cigarette starter kits is very important.

The products can also be purchased online. E cigarette starter kits are available online and interested customers can search through the various websites in order to identify the most useful products. This means the liquid id safe for use by humans and is not harmful to either humans or plants. The vapor is therefore safe and will not affect the user’s health at all. It is for this reason that electronic cigarettes are accepted and can be used at most establishments including hotels, motels, restaurants and all other public places.

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The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

So Many E cig Choices To Stay Smokeless…

Lots of people around the world are turning to the electronic cigarette, also known as the e cig or the electronic cig. This is an electronic device that is designed exactly like a regular cigarette and is used exactly like one, only that it lacks the harmful tobacco products and smoke that is so harmful to the human body. There are many reasons why more and more people in Europe and around the world are searching for the top electronic cigarettes. These have been known to help tobacco smokers quit smoking and reduce their cravings for nicotine.

e cigarette brands The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

Giving up tobacco smoking is not an easy task even when cigarette smoking and cigar smoking are both quite harmful to the users and those around them. People have tried all sorts of ways to quit the habit but the most successful, most accommodating and easy way to achieve this is via electronic cigarettes. While there are quite a number of brands in the market today, some may not be as good as others. A few are noted as being the best electronic cigarettes in the market. it is always good to search for the best products in order to buy only high quality products.

Basically, the best e cigarette brands are those certified by manufacturers, loved by customers and performing to high standards. Good quality products normally last a long time, are well designed, efficient and conform to certain global standards. This is why it is important to search only for high quality products which also happen to be top e cigarette brands. These are normally from top manufacturers, well known brands and renowned product designers. Purchasing quality products is very important and it may be necessary to search widely and maybe even make enquiries from others who may have the necessary knowledge.

There are a number of stores as well as online outlets where customers can now purchase all the top electronic cigarettes such as EverSmoke, South Beach Smoke, and Bull Smoke to name a few. Lots of these stores can be found in major cities and towns across countries such as in North America, Europe and Asia. These stores normally purchase certified products directly from manufacturers or from their dealers. This is a sure way of getting good quality original products that perform efficiently and as required. Online sales of the best electronic cigarettes are also popular with many Internet based stores selling quite a number of quality devices.

When looking for the top e cigarette brands, the Internet offers plenty of opportunities. It is a wonderful resource that can be positively used to search for the best e cigarette brands in the market today. People have tried all sorts of ways to quit the habit but the most successful, most accommodating and easy way to achieve this is via electronic cigarettes. There are quite a number of brands in the market today. Colorful brochures and catalogs can be viewed so that customers get to find out more about the different products in the market and which ones are of the highest quality with a proper warranty.

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Are There Any Harmful Effects Associated With The E Cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes Are The New Cool…

There are always those that want to point out that premium electronic cigarette smokers are exposed to risks due to vaping. However, there are no hard facts to suggest such ideas. Let’s examine what we do know.

e cigarette1 300x225 Are There Any Harmful Effects Associated With The E Cigarette?

Heart problems have been associated with tobacco cigarette smoking with increased heart disease identified in tobacco smokers. It is estimated that in the United States of America over 44,000 people die every year from smoking related diseases. This figure could be twice as much in developing countries where the cost of treatment and tobacco smoking regulation has not been enhanced. Asthmatic conditions have also been identified in smokers though this is a condition that can affect even nonsmokers. For women smokers, smoking whether tobacco or otherwise, has greatly been associated with skin problems. It is important to note that smoking has become a more popular habit among women especially those living in the urban areas. In fact, recent research has shown more women female smokers than their male counterparts.

Electronic cigarette brands don’t have as many harmful effects to smokers as traditional cigarettes. It is important for those who wish to quit smoking to seek the help of experts and counselors instead of alternative undocumented methods. Unless and until further research has been done on the cons and pros of electronic smoking, the World Health Organization has advised against the any use of all e cigarette brands. This advice should be taken seriously owing to the many unanswered questions relating to the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes.

If you still wish to smoke some of the best e cigs then whip out your money and buy only top rated e cigarettes such as EverSmokeBull Smoke and South Beach Smoke brands.

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How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Are All Electronic Cigarette Brands Alike?

Electronic cigarettes have also been referred to as vaporizers’ or e cigarettes. They are mostly used in places of traditional cigarette smoking. There are believed to release doses of water vapor which may or may not have nicotine. However, since this market has not been regulated, it is believed that there could be other components used in the electronic cigarette. It is powered be small batteries. Electronic cigarettes are long tube like devices that are simulated like cigarettes but these come with replaceable cartridges. Their use has commonly been boosted by the fact that many smokers believe that it can aid them to quit smoking. The question is how does an electronic cigarette work?

e cigarette How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

The electronic cigarette smoker places the pipe or tube like device in his mouth and sucks it. This sucking is the other that is believed to activate the heating element that is powered by the battery. This way, a vapor is created which the smoker inhales. Electronic cigarette smoking should not be complicated to a traditional smoker since there is no major difference between the two. Let us also find out what are the main components of an electronic cigarette.

  • Mouth piece: This is the long extended tube that the smoker is required to suck in order to inhale the vapor. In some cigarettes, they are replaceable while in others they are not.
  • Atomizer: This is the heating element that facilitates the heating of the vaporizer. Once the vaporizer is heated up, it produces vapor which is in turn inhaled. In most cases, these are supposed to be replaced after every six to eight months.
  • Battery: This is the main source of power for the heating element. It is connected to some electric circuits to prevent overheating. It has lights which indicate when the device has been powered or switched off.

The World Health Organization has recommended more research on this habit even though it is becoming more popular. In the Western Europe, E-cigarettes have been seen to attract a lot of popularity and it is believed that very soon they will overtake the traditional cigarettes. Some of the top electronic cigarette brands are South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and Volcano Ecigs. However, there are no documented facts about the health benefits of the electronic cigarettes. It is also important that there is some regulation on this market before any research can be commenced .This is because research without regulation will yield no fruits as one cannot tell exactly what goes in to the market. For those wishing to quit smoking, the World Health Organization has advised that they seek the services of experts, proper medication and good support groups. Counseling services and rehabilitation centers coupled with one’s goodwill can definitely help in this process. Though it has been argued that electronic cigarettes can help with this, there is evidence from reputable bodies and the electronic cigarettes themselves come with harmful health effects. This is a very controversial topic that should be left to the experts in this field.

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Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

Keeping It Clean With Smokeless Vapes…

Cigarette smoking has continued to be a major cause of deaths in many states. Tobacco has been known to have very serious cancerous effects that have proved very expensive to both the smokers and the society in general. However, according to current research which is subject to further verification, it is possible that electronic smoking could be the solution to this problem. In the United Kingdom, it is estimated that over 100,000 people die every year from smoking related illnesses. This is not different in other countries. In fact, it is believed that more this number is even bigger in those other states where people smoke substandard products. Lack of proper regulation and control in these countries could prove to be very dangerous as harmful products could find their way to the market. Although the World Health Organization has called for more research on the possible benefits of the e cig, some health organizations have continued to express their confidence on electronic cigarettes smoking. This has also been proclaimed by the users who have switched from traditional smoking and have chosen to buy electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette 300x195 Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

According to articles on smoking health, over 700,000 people in the United Kingdom use tobacco:; more in the United States. Some are said to use traditional smoking while others use electronic cigarettes and some use both. It has been argued that health benefits are only applicable to people who only use the best electronic cigarettes. It is believed that electronic smokers inhale vaporized liquid nicotine compared to traditional smokers who inhale very toxic substances found in tobacco. Nicotine patches are believed to help smokers who are trying to cease smoking. Some research done in London has also tends to agree with this finding. However, more and more research is required in order to provide documented facts regarding the use of any electronic cigarette liquid.

Scientists have argued that if smokers switched to electronic smoking the number of lives dying from tobacco related illnesses could greatly reduce. It is important to note that electronic cigarette smoking is common in developed countries. One of the most popular and best electronic cigarette in the market is called Bull Smoke. That means that developing countries still have to control and regulate the use of traditional cigarettes since they are still in use even with their health risks. Some smokers have argued that smoking stimulates their mind while others have confessed that smoking keeps them warm. In any case, cigarette smoking is a harmful and should greatly be discouraged. It is also advisable that the relevant authorities take center stage in creating public awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco smoking. The sale and consumption of tobacco should be well regulated. In some states, any tobacco related advertisement or display has been banned while in others cigarettes manufacturing companies are required to pay very high taxes. This is a step towards discouraging the consumption of harmful products and should be embraced by the people. Individuals should also be able to take control of their health and avoid consumption of harmful products whether or not they have been declared illegal. That way there would be a healthier nation.

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